Network Settings for better HITREG – Part 3 – Registry

I’ve read many posts and articles which talk about editing all sorts of things [dnscache and msmq etc.],  please stay away from changing things too much, they don’t make any difference, as far as I could tell. The only changes which are needed are changes to parameters and one or two more which change after you use the tcp optimizer. Even the tcp optimizer changes nagle’s algorithm, but it misses a few settings, I’ve covered everything here.

Also, export and back up the registry, one full backup and one for the keys that you are changing before you make any changes, just to be safe and if you’re doing this the first time.

Here is my default state setting of registry settings of parameters


Now there are two ways to go about this, depending on the game you play, I play MW and BF4.

For MW I use

And for BF4



Find the key with your ip, [if you’re reading this post, I’m assuming  I shouldn’t have to explain what and where to find your ip.]

Only thing needed is these, rest should be left default, most you can do is add “MTU” as a dword key with a decimal value of your MTU. In my case its 1492. You can check TCP optimizer for your MTU if you’re not sure. It will be 1500 or 1492. Never ever seen anything else. Some say it should be lowest as possible, but it really doesn’t make a difference.