Salty flashback

COD:MW – The best I’ve ever got is a fluctuating 70 ms in 2021. Been playing since Xbox 360 days, when we used to get a three bar connection at best, MTNL dialup days were dark indeed. Pretty happy on the whole with the mw right now. Notwithstanding the blatant hard sells and sidelining of mw for warzone and the shittier new game.

Battlefield – Nightmare. I play generally at 140 ms on 60 hz servers in Germany and get kicked for high pings half of the time. 30 hz servers = unplayable!. Looking back at my days on BF3 playing at 160 ms, I wonder why did I even bother.

SMITE – SG server 80-120 ms – around 50 tryhard players, get old really quickly playing with them. EU servers – 180 ms + 16 ms. Now this is not a FPS styled game but a skill based MOBA. Only played zeus who is an area damage god. Try playing Loki and miss your Ultimate, hurts.

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